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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Why I joined Scentsy...

The aroma that fills my house whenever my warmer is on and the wax is melting
The sweet smell of freshness every time I get into my car
Scentsy simply became an obsession for me; I could not get enough of the smells, I still cannot. I spoke to a friend who sells Scentsy and she raved about how amazing it was.
I started thinking to myself... Im studying full time and trying to work on the days I am not studying, I am awake to ridiculous hours of the morning to get work done and I am simply exhausted! If I can sell something I am passionate about and believe in, and I can make a bit of a living while doing it... what am I waiting for!
Initially fear stood between me and clicking that final button and my consultant told me to never let fear stop me from trying. I took her advice and am feeling really excited about this journey I am about to embark on. I am even more excited to bring Scentsy to the homes, cars and lives of friends, families and others, to share the irresistible smells that I am so obsessed with.